HD screencap photos of Laura Mennell & Larisa Oleynik in ‘Stolen From The Womb’ as Chelsey.

1st HD-screencaps from this film & will be replacing the SD caps with HD caps :)

Canadian #Haven fans: #Haven5 premieres Sept 18 9-11pm ET! Moves to regular time Thursdays at 10pm on Sept 25 with ep 3! @HavenHerald

Laura Mennell & Shawn Piller working on Haven season 5.

Haven season 5 trailer is out ! Sweet! :)

‘Haven’ Season 5 Trailer Teases Emily Rose’s Turn to the Dark Side.

Haven returns on SyFy September 11th, thursdays at 10pm.

Screencaps from ‘Stolen From The Womb’(2014) Laura Mennell as Chelsey Miller.

Some more of Laura Mennell in ‘Stolen From The Womb’(2014) as Chelsey.

Laura Mennell in Elegy (2008) credited as ‘Cute Girl’ & yeah she’s cute!

Its cool how Laura is quite humble about being really beautiful.

Laura Mennell in Watchmen(2009) as Janey Slater, a scientist.

New photos of Laura in ‘Stolen From The Womb’.

Tonight at 8pm Laura Mennell’s movie ‘Stolen From The Womb’(2014) airs on Lifetime Movie Network(LMN) in the USA.

Beautiful Drawing of Laura Mennell created by Kelly at @Karicature, a great Haven fan & artist. Kelly a new haven friend of mine sent it to me as a gift.

Photo on the right is what she used to base her drawing on.
Check out her website: http://caricaturesby.wix.com/kelly featuring her artwork.

Laura Mennell in ‘Driven to Kill’(2009) as Lanie.
1st screencaps I’ve made from this movie, from the blu-ray disk.

From ‘Stolen From The Womb’(2014) Laura Mennell as Chelsey.
She was incredibly beautiful in the movie in addition to her brillliant performance.

Laura Mennell in Alphas Season 2 episode 7 as Nina Theroux.