From ‘Stolen From The Womb’(2014) Laura Mennell as Chelsey.

Laura Mennell in Alphas Season 2 episode 7 as Nina Theroux.

I believe Haven fans will enjoy laura being on haven.
Laura is very sweet, cool & loyal to her fans. She said in her interview
with me
that shes thankful she has a wonderful fan like me.
She seems to enjoy tweeting to me & other fans when she tweets.

Lately she’s busy with filming haven & the new movie she filmed.
I don’t think she’ll ever be like the unkind celebs that dont tweet to fans.

On another note, I hope someday I could see laura at a comic-con
or ‘on set’ like other fans have done. It would probally be the coolest day
ever for me & my parents though my family can’t afford to travel to where
they film haven like other fans have.

Stolen From The Womb(2014) Laura Mennell, Corey Sevier & Tammy Gillis.
See it again Sunday July 27th 8pm on Lifetime Movie Network(LMN).

Laura Mennell in Alphas S2 ep7 with David Strathairn, Warren Christie & Azita Ghanizada.

#ThrowbackThursday Laura Mennell as Rose Falls in Fringe
S2 Ep10: ‘Johari Window.

I make screencaps manually for higher quality & often brighten them up using a program called gimp.

Laura Mennell on set with James Denton in a new movie ‘Polka Dot and Luey’.
Maybe u remember James Denton from the tv series ‘The Pretender’.

Photo from Laura’s official twitter

More of my #Haven season 5 fan art edits by John.

The cast will look pretty cool together: Emily is blonde,
Laura with her dark hair looks great next to Emily,
Eric and Lucas are same height 6’1” (I’m 6’0).

A little Haven season 5 promo image that I made.

A little Haven season 5 promo image that I made.

Stolen From The Womb review by John.

Stolen From The Womb is a Lifetime movie about a woman
who kidnaps a pregnant woman to steal the baby out of
her womb. The film stars Laura Mennell & Larisa Oleynik.

The film starts with Chelsey(Laura Mennell) giving birth to a
infant that is declared dead. The movie jumps to 2 years later
with her meeting Diane, a pregnant woman who she reveals to
that she is also pregnant but later she has another miscarriage.

The movie follows Chelsey who becomes friends with Diane
and starts to become very obsessed with the idea that she is
going to become a mom despite her miscarriage and not actually
being pregnant.

Chelsey’s husband Jesse(played by Corey Sevier) reveals that
Chelsey cant have children without health risks to her and the
fetus being near impossible to survive.

Paula(Tammy Gillis) is a friend of Diane that is able to
pick up on the warning signs that something is very wrong with
Chelsey when she catches her in her car spying on Diane’s home.
Diane refuses to believe Paual’s warnings about Chelsey.

Chelsey develops an insane with this fantasy that Diane is having
her baby for her. She is intelligent, charming, beautiful and she
uses that to manipulate the people around her.

Later Chelsey begins to plot her plan to kidnap Diane & steal
her baby, all while making Diane feel like she’s just a sweet, needy
& innocent pregnant woman who’s husband is unsupportive.

Laura makes you feel sad for Chelsey early on. Chelsey seems
like a real sweetheart and she is magnificent in the emotional
scenes and then such fierceness when Chelsey becomes insane.
Laura is a sweet actress, she tweets to me & other fans.

Larisa was amazing as Diane, Larisa is a great actress.
Alot of people might remember her from the ‘Secret World
of Alex Mack’ on Nickelodeon.

Jesse played by Corey Sevier was great when he realizes what
Chelsey did with the look of such shock as he looks over at
Rob(Sebastian Spence who was equally as great).
Corey’s a cool guy, he said it was such a great time
working with Laura on set.

Tammy was great as Paula. Paula showed genuine concern
for Diane & suspicion of Chelsey. Tammy is very sweet.

The only thing missing from the film is seeing when Chelsey
drugged diane & more with how Jesse didnt suspect anything.

Some Trivia: Sebastian Spence was once in the same episode of
Andromeda(2003) that Laura Mennell guest starred in.

Laura Mennell in Alphas season 1 episode 8 “A short time in paradise”.

Haven Casts Alphas' Laura Mennell as a Real Trouble-Unmaker →

Laura Mennell in ‘Stolen From The Womb’ (2014). A new Lifetime film airing June 21st 8pm on Lifetime & 7pm on June22.

Co-stars Larisa Oleynik, Corey Sevier, Sebastian Spence & Tammy Gillis.
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News: Laura Mennell’s upcoming movie “empty Cradle” has been renamed “Stolen From The Womb” & it airs this month on Lifetime June 21st at 8pm.

Info on Lifetime

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Laura Mennell in the 2012 photoshoot by Mike Lewis.

Tune in tonight 10pm on ABC to see Laura in her new show #Motive.
June 11th 2014.