Laura Mennell with Corey Sevier in ‘Stolen From The Womb’.

The most craziest character she has ever played but also one of the most beautiful ones as well.

4th set of HD Screencaps.

Laura Mennell & Adam Copeland’s Characters on #Haven5 might be the new couple ship

So I’ve created the #Dwarlotte ship name! :) Dwight & Dr. Charlotte.
It will probally never be as popular as Naudrey(Nathan & Audrey) but I think it will do great :)

Yesterday my friend Kelly went to the Haven fan event in Chester, Nova Scotia
& she got me an autograph from laura, she brought her drawing of Laura
& a copy of it for Laura to sign for both of us.
I had no idea she would do that :) a really kind surprise.

Attached is also the photo she used to as a reference for her drawing ;)
Very happy she got to meet Laura.

Laura Mennell in ‘Stolen From The Womb’ (2014) with Corey Sevier, Tammy Gillis & Larisa Oleynik.

The 3rd set of HD screencaps I’ve made, replacing the SD ones I posted in July.

Laura Mennell in Lifetime’s ‘Stolen From The Womb’ (2014) as Chelsey Miller.

Throwback Thursday: Laura Mennell in ‘Dead Like Me’ as Desiree, a beautiful goth girl.

HD screencap photos of Laura Mennell & Larisa Oleynik in ‘Stolen From The Womb’ as Chelsey.

1st HD-screencaps from this film & will be replacing the SD caps with HD caps :)

Canadian #Haven fans: #Haven5 premieres Sept 18 9-11pm ET! Moves to regular time Thursdays at 10pm on Sept 25 with ep 3! @HavenHerald

Laura Mennell & Shawn Piller working on Haven season 5.

Laura Mennell & Shawn Piller working on Haven season 5.

Haven season 5 trailer is out ! Sweet! :)

‘Haven’ Season 5 Trailer Teases Emily Rose’s Turn to the Dark Side.

Haven returns on SyFy September 11th, thursdays at 10pm.

Screencaps from ‘Stolen From The Womb’(2014) Laura Mennell as Chelsey Miller.

Some more of Laura Mennell in ‘Stolen From The Womb’(2014) as Chelsey.

Laura Mennell in Elegy (2008) credited as ‘Cute Girl’ & yeah she’s cute!

Its cool how Laura is quite humble about being really beautiful.

Laura Mennell in Watchmen(2009) as Janey Slater, a scientist.